The Focus Approach to Marketing

February 15, 2016

Here’s an approach that resonates with creative businesses.  Focus is 5 steps to a creative and actionable marketing program.

F – Find your market.  This includes your positioning – how do you differentiate your business from others in your category.

O – Optimize your plan.  The marketing plan is a path to success!  Successful companies have a blueprint of their marketing activities for the year.  Your plan doesn’t have to be extensive.  Develop a tool that you will use and watch your business grow.  These are the categories I use when developing a marketing plan:

Positioning and target audience, marketing objectives and marketing strategies, key messages, Make it Happen! tactics, calendar, budget and tracking/evaluation.

C – Create your visibility.  This is fun.  Take a look at the marketing materials you already have developed.  Where are there gaps?  Prioritize what you need.  Think of new ways to use your current materials.   Visibility tools differ for each business.  Examples are logo, business cards, website, brochures, press releases, media kits, presentations.  What is right for your business?

U – Unite with your audience.  Yes, now use the materials!  Network at events, post a presentation on your website or social media, plan a simple direct mail program to priority clients.  Also called share!

S – Sustain & Grow.   How will your business Sustain & Grow?  This is different for every business.  Examples include marketing & advertising, content development, training programs and tracking & evaluation.  Are your programs working?  What needs to be updated or tweaked?  There are many tracking mechanisms for both traditional and online marketing.  What is your call to action – is it working?