Getting the Word Out – PR for Photographers

February 15, 2016

Public Relations (PR) is one of the most effective and economical marketing tools in a photographer’s “marketing bag”. Whether you are announcing an exhibit, a new product category, joining a gallery, providing information on a seminar or workshop, or announcing a new photographer to your gallery…sending out a press release is one great way to get additional exposure. There are often many questions on how to submit a press release. Here is what a press release submission looks like and some key points:
Press Release Template – once you have an example you can update as needed for events, exhibits, awards, workshops….any news!

  • Make sure it is news! Not sales-oriented-information!
  • Journalism 101 – cover the who-what-why-where-when-how.
  • Provide contact information at the top and inform editors that it’s for “Immediate Release” (vs. “Embargoed Release”) held for a specific date.
  • Use upper and lower case and double space.
  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Use ### or – END- to indicate the end of the release.
  • Attach images to the release or provide a cd – do not embed images in the text of the release when sending electronically.
  • Many publications now prefer email and the release can even be the body of the email vs. an attachment.
  • Recognize that press release submissions are often edited at the publication’s discretion.
  • And press releases may also serve as a base for a feature story or a follow-up story!
  • Use marketing materials to develop a full media kit to provide to publications or editors you work with regularly.
  • Develop a short “boilerplate” – a brief description of your photography business that is consistently placed at the end of the release.
  • For ease – develop and maintain a press release contact list with local, regional, national media – those that are a match with your target customer.
  • Send press releases to broadcast as well as print media.
  • Submitting an image increases the effectiveness of the release – size the image for print publications – most pubs provide guidelines – for example:

300 dpi printable to 5” x 7” – if it’s a color image submit in color – the publication will change to B&W if needed