Sharing your images “Connect”

December 2, 2016

While having fun with creativity and developing stationary and note cards is one way to share your images to connect – of course to connect – you have to send the letter or note card! Print your cards or send them electronically. Here’s a beautiful simple floral by photographer Sue Hershey.  This type of image makes a great foundation for a greeting by adding just a little text.

slide12Other ways to connect by sharing your images:  Print them and participate in an exhibit.  I’ve always appreciated this quote by photographer Alain Briot:


What are some things to consider when exhibiting your work?

  • The venue.
  • The fee.
  • Open show or juried.
  • The timing.
  • Number of pieces that can be shown.
  • Framing or presentation requirements.
  • Opportunity for sales and commission structure.
  • Keep track of the exhibit name, organization, date, venue, other exhibitors. (It’s much easier to do this when first starting out vs. going back and recreating your exhibit schedule!)
  • Have fun!

Check out exhibit opportunities via camera clubs, festivals, local art councils, airport venues. Here in Western North Carolina there’s a wonderful “Art in the Airport” program.  Pop up exhibits are popular too.  Collaborate with another photographer or artist and show your work.


Here’s an image of Sue Hershey when her work was exhibited at Asheville Airport.